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About Me

My name is Rose Witmer

Explorer. Photographer. Videographer. Writer.

I’m a story teller by nature and an explorer by heart. I’ve always had a fascination with the outer world and a passion of sharing my experiences through “ink and light”. Photography creeped in early without me even noticing. Before long, it became less of a hobby and more of an obsession as I strived to learn how to capture not just what I was seeing, but also the emotions and the wonder through a single image.

This is a challenging endeavor and one that I LOVE! I spent the first half of my life living under a very comfortable rock in the farmlands of central Pennsylvania staring wide-eyed at programs on National Geographic, the Travel Channel, and even “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?”. Steve Irwin was a childhood hero of mine.

In the end it was the military that didn’t merely coax me out from under my rock, but launched me into the grand world I had always dreamed about. Suddenly it wasn’t gently rolling hills with lazily grazing cows that surrounded me, but toiling ocean waves tumbling into rocky coasts, distant mountain peaks glistening under a sparkling layer of snow and ice, and endless cracks of jagged red desert spanning out to meet an indigo sky. I’ve danced with Okinawan drummers in a festival to call back the ancestors, feasted with Vikings at the base of medieval European castle ruins, and sat with the Sami by a warm fire under the dancing northern lights.

Everywhere I go I fully immerse myself, learning the language, the culture, the land, and the people. Then begins the most challenging yet most rewarding part of the entire experience: sharing these adventures and the world with you through the ink of my pen and the light of my lens.


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Echoes of the Asylum

Dark, bloated rain clouds hung low in the sky, threatening to gouge open the underbelly of the storm on the barren branches overhead. Our boots squished into soft mud from the morning rain as we navigated through the woods to our destination. The rain had stopped for the time being, but the beasts drifting overhead foreshadowed more to come...

A Chilly Morning in Tripod Lake

It’s been two weeks since I lost my photography equipment to the icy waters of British Columbia. Two weeks since I went for a surprise swim in the Canadian lake that was already seeing winter bite its shores. Did I ever mention that I can’t really swim?

The Year of the Spider - Part I

Meet Spider. Spider is a horse with attitude. A bad attitude.

Willkommen in Deutschland!

It’s been a week now since stepping foot on Deutschland’s mossy wooded paths and beginning my two month explorations of its ancient lands and the culture of its people.

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